A. Nakaguchi

Diary of a User Experience Design Immersive Student at General Assembly

I would love to apply to the job you posted, but apparently I need to create an account first. Double points to anyone who can direct me to the New User button…

Chapter 8: People can miss changes in their visual fields

Take the test. Watch the video. I failed it.

From the book, 100 Things Every Designer Needs to Know About People. By Susan M. Weinschenk.

Even Siri needs time to ponder this question.
Do I Say I Am Cool?Do I Say I Am Calm?Do I Say I Am Collected?

Meet And Greet, a whirlwind of companies. Lived up to the stress and excitement.
Watching my business cards get bounced around sorting facilities in New York City is just infuriating…

Po-TAY-to, Po-TAH-to

FAVE-eye-con, FAHV-ee-con
Let’s call the whole thing off

{ being in full portfolio mode makes you wonder about the most insignificant minutiae }

Sandy could not have done a better job at capturing each of us in our cartoon selves. (She’s also a great teammate, who I had the fortune of working with on the first (Project 1) and last (Project 4) project!)
Our amazing instructors, coordinator, and designer-in-residence!

* Design Fair *

Good practice talking about our projects to non-UX students, GA staff, and fellow UX practitioners.

Before launching into the Instagram project, I asked visitors to give me one word that comes to mind when I say ‘Instagram’. More than a guest list, it’s an affinity map around the guests!